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Integration of Western New York's Leading Orthopaedic Surgeons Successfully Completed

October 1st, 2019 11:50am

The plan to bring together 22 doctors from Excelsior Orthopaedics, nine surgeons from Northtowns Orthopedics and one from Buffalo Orthopaedic Group is now complete.  

This collaboration, designed to improve the quality of musculoskeletal care delivered across the region, includes over 90 providers - surgeons, doctors, physician assistants, and physical and occupational therapists - all now functioning under the Excelsior Orthopaedics brand. 

Participating surgeons from Northtowns Orthopedics include Donald P. Douglas, M.D., Peter L. Gambacorta, D.O., Patrick J. Hlubik, M.D., Kevin W. Lanighan, M.D., Thomas A. Lombardo, M.D., Frank A. Luzi, M.D., David T. Miller, M.D., David J. Pochatko, M.D., and Matthew J. Zinno, D.O. They will be joined by Michael J. Ostempowski, M.D., from the Buffalo Orthopaedic Group and the physicians of Excelsior Orthopaedics: Adam O. Burzynski, M.D., Michael P. Butler, D.P.M., John J. Callahan, M.D., Thomas B. Cowan, M.D., John P. Hurley, D.P.M., Daniel B. Keating, D.P.M., Sean E. Keating, D.P.M., James J. Kelly, D.O., Todd M. Lorenc, M.D., Matthew A. Mann, M.D., Jason M. Matuszak, M.D., Timothy V. McGrath, M.D., Owen J. Moy, M.D., David A. Pula, M.D., Kory B. Reed, M.D., Peter E. Shields, M.D., James A. Slough, M.D., Andrew C. Stoeckl, M.D., Jude S. Violante, D.P.M., Nicholas J. Violante, D.O., Dale R. Wheeler, M.D. and Ryan D. Wilkins, M.D.

The “new” Excelsior Orthopaedics now operates 7 offices across WNY:

  • 3925 Sheridan Drive in Amherst
  • 8750 Transit Road in East Amherst
  • 2075 Sheridan Drive in Kenmore
  • 12845 Broadway in Alden
  • 260 Redtail Road in Orchard Park
  • 6133 U.S. Route 219 in Ellicottville
  • 10175 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Niagara Falls


At the Excelsior offices, patients now have expanded access to an extensive spectrum  of services a patient with an acute or chronic orthopaedic condition might need, including board certified and fellowship trained specialty care, on-site diagnostic testing (x-ray, MRI, CT and ultrasound), urgent care, outpatient surgery, physical and occupational therapy and durable medical equipment.   

“From the beginning, we knew this integration was an ambitious undertaking,” said David Uba, CEO of Excelsior Orthopaedics.  “And it has certainly required a tremendous team effort to address all the details.  I couldn’t be prouder of what the team has accomplished in a relatively short period of time.”      

Patients of all the providers who are part of the planned integration have been contacted with details about any changes they may see going forward, though for most patients it should be a seamless transition.  They will continue to be seen by their provider at the same location they’ve visited in the past.  Likely the most noticeable changes will be the phone number they should call (now 716-250-9999) and the website they visit ( for appointments and information.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this outstanding group,”  said Dr. David J. Pochatko.  “With the team we’ve assembled, and the facilities and resources we have, we are uniquely positioned to offer patients across Western New York the very finest musculoskeletal care available anywhere in the country.” 

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