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Meet Sean Keating, DPM


Foot & Ankle Care

Dr. Sean Keating is a podiatrist, specializing in the complete spectrum of foot conditions. As one of several Dr. Keatings at Excelsior, you’ll quickly recognize Dr. Sean Keating from his signature bowtie - he has a collection of over 100. Learn more about Dr. Keating and his team to decide if he’s the right physician for your foot care!

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About Dr. Keating

Dr. Keating is a board certified podiatrist, treating a wide array of foot conditions, including skin conditions, tendon issues, fractures, and more. He approaches each new case with conservative option first, trying to address the problem non-surgically when possible. Dr. Keating pays careful attention to your history, both medical and physical, ensuring he can work with you to discover exactly what has caused your pain and what your expectations for recovery look like.

Dr. Keating is a father of five, a grandfather, and a golf enthusiast. He spends his free time visiting with his family, fishing, biking, gardening, and reading. His love of reading includes newspaper, fiction, non-fiction and biographies. He’s also in the process of refurbishing an old Lionel train set, complete with a landscape of roads, mountains and building, which is an activity his grandchildren enjoy as much as he does.

What led you to a career in podiatry?

“From my youngest age I always wanted to be a physician. My dad was a podiatrist, and I had an uncle who was a general practitioner. I also considered pediatrics. I spent time with both my uncle and a pediatrician, and I realized that what they were doing didn’t fit into my comfort level. So I started looking more at what my father was doing and realized that in podiatry and orthopaedics, what we do is more elective. We can choose when we’re going to do elective surgery. I liked the ability to have more choice.”

If you weren’t a physician, what would you be doing?

“If I weren’t a physician, I might be a history professor, teaching at the college level. I enjoy reading history - the civil war, world war II, the revolutionary war - the majority of the books I read are historical books.”


Bachelor of Arts in History, St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, NY

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland, OH


Podiatric Surgery Residency, Sheridan Park Hospital, Buffalo, NY

Accreditations & Professional Memberships

Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Foot & Ankle Surgery

Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Orthopaedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine, Primary Podiatric Medicine

Where Dr. Keating Practices Medicine

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