Excelsior Sports Training

Improving Performance in Athletes of All Ages

Optimized training and injury prevention are important for athletes of all ages, at every level. From keeping your throwing arm in top condition to preventing overuse injuries to proper conditioning methods, every athlete is different. Excelsior Sports Training is a suite of exclusive classes, programs and services offered by athletic training professionals, designed to keep athletes safe, injury-free, and at the top of their game.


Athletic Profile

The first step to any of our training programs is the Athletic Profile. This profile includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal review, physical competency, and performance metrics. This assessment is tailored to each athlete and their risks, and includes a number of advanced analysis tools depending on the athlete’s circumstances and goals. This assessment is tailored to each athlete depending on the athlete’s circumstances and goals. The Athletic Profile enables our team to determine the best program for you and further design a program to meet your needs.


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Reentering athletics after sustaining an injury doesn’t happen overnight. Our Physical Therapy Bridge Program is open to all patients and offers a safe pathway back into your sports. Athletes are assessed, and programs are tailored to ensure you’re training properly for your injury and goals.

  • Athletic Profile & Entry Checklist
  • Individual Sessions
  • Small Group Open Gym Sessions

Team Training

Teams that train together perform better. Excelsior offers team training for teams at all levels, in any sport, designed to optimize team performance and minimize injuries. Every team has goals – Excelsior Team Training helps you reach them safely, together.

  • Individual Athletic Profiles for each athlete
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Customized Training Programs

Athlete Performance

Athletes at all levels can benefit from additional training to enhance foundational athletic skills and improve overall performance for long-term results. Our Athlete Performance programs are designed to help athletes reach their full potential through proper conditioning.

  • Individual Athletic Profiles
  • Group Sessions
  • Individual Sessions

Adult Performance

Adults who are looking to improve their fitness and athleticism can benefit from our Adult Performance programs, designed to enhance overall fitness through the foundational skills you need to train safely and reach your goals.

  • Individual Athletic Profiles
  • Group Sessions
  • Individual Sessions

Seasonal Programs

Whether you’re looking to run your first marathon, get a head start on off-season conditioning, or be a rock star during the 11 Day Power Play, our seasonal programs are designed to help you reach more specific athletic goals for events that don’t require year-round training.


Outreach Athletic Training

The Excelsior team is committed to ensuring athletes of all ages stay healthy and injury-free. Our experts will work directly with local high school teams to provide athletic training services, preventing, evaluating, managing and caring for athletes and injuries they may sustain.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers & Sports Medicine Physicians
  • On-Site Assessment of Injuries
  • Education for Athletes, Parents & Coaches

NYSED Safety Classes

Early first aid and emergency response are critical skills that may save a life. Excelsior offers NYSED classes in First Aid and CPR/AED training, open to the public. These courses meet New York State Education Department requirements. 

  • First Aid
  • Initial & Recertifications

Coach/Parent Workshops

Coaches and parents play important roles in the success and safety of an athlete. Our Coach and Parent Workshops offer techniques and training, backed by science, to foster athletic development and character while providing the support your athletes deserve.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers & Sports Medicine Physicians
  • Team Presentations & Workshops
  • Nutrition, Conditioning, Injury Prevention, & More

Sports Nutrition

Food is fuel! Proper nutrition is an important part of sports performance, for all ages and athletes. Excelsior’s certified nutritionists offer nutrition services, classes and consultations for athletes designed to make sure you’re fueling your body to optimize performance and stay healthy. 

  • Team & Individual Services
  • Individual Assessments
  • Workshops & Classes


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