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Every athlete knows that it takes more than a little hard work to be at the top of the game. Whether you’re trying to improve your technique, avoid overuse injuries, or enhance your strength and conditioning performance, Excelsior Sports Performance can give you an edge over your competition. Our performance coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists have customized training programs and state-of-the-art facilities that are ready to help you excel.

Improving Performance in Athletes of All Ages

At Excelsior, we’re passionate about working with athletes of all ages and abilities! From youth sports to professional athletes (and everyone in between), our programs are designed to help you get to the next level.

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Sports Performance Training Options

Adult Group Training

If you’re an adult 18 years or older looking for a group training atmosphere to keep you active and motivated, our Fit4Life program is for you! Fit4Life is based upon functional training and three-dimensional movements which will not only enhance athletic performance, but improve the quality of your day to life as well - now and into the future!

Youth Group Training

For athletes under 18, Fit2Play offers developmentally-appropriate group training designed to build confidence, improve agility, develop speed, increase flexibility and prevent injury. Fit2Play offers programming for middle schoolers and high schoolers, each tailored to focus on skills to serve them throughout their athletic career.

One-on-One Training

For athletes of all ages who seek the guidance of a sports performance expert in an individual setting, we offer 30 and 60 minute appointments with a member of our team. These sessions are built around your specific needs, goals and abilities. We’ll first consult with you to discuss your current abilities and ambitions, then develop a training program that is just right for you. Limited availability.

Sports Physical Therapy

When an athlete sustains an injury, complete recovery with strong support is critical to being able to return to competition. Excelsior understands that the needs of athletes are often different compared to other injuries or conditions. Our team can provide expedited care.

Seasonal Programs

We offer specific performance programs for special events, such as our Run2Excel Buffalo Marathon program, 11 Day Power Play, and summer performance camps for athletes looking to enter seasonal competition with an athletic advantage. Our team works with collegiate athletes on break. These Seasonal Programs help our community make the most of short seasons, time off, or special community events.

Enhance Your Training with On-Demand Services

In addition to our exceptional performance programs, Excelsior Sports Performance offers additional services that may benefit athletes and their journey to return to sport or improve their performance.

Athletic Profile List Arrow

The first step to any of our performance programs is the Athletic Profile. This profile includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal review, physical competency, and performance metrics. This assessment includes a number of advanced analysis tools depending on the athlete’s circumstances and goals.

InBody 570 Analysis List Arrow

Everyone has a unique body composition, and this impacts your training and performance. A non-invasive InBody 570 scan provides information about visceral fat, segmental fat, intracellular water, and extracellular water, which our expert team will use to develop a truly customized performance program that takes your individual physiology into account.

Sports Nutrition List Arrow

Food is your fuel! The right combination of nutrients and timing of intake can greatly improve energy levels, weight and body composition, mental focus, strength and power - leading to optimized performance and better results in competition. A nutrition consultation with our sports nutritionist can help you ensure you’re fueling your body the right way.

See it in Action!

Want to learn more and see some of our programs in action? Meet some of the Excelsior Sports Performance team in our video below.

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Sports Physical Therapy & Injury Recovery

End-to-End Care for Injured Athletes

Excelsior Orthopaedics was first to offer an integrated musculoskeletal model that keeps your doctors, physical therapists, and performance coaches working together on your recovery. 

If you sustain an injury as an athlete, your recovery needs to be expedited,  complete, and long-term. Our specialized services help make this possible. 

  • Excelsior Express: Our urgent care centers, which specialize in orthopaedic injuries – including strains, sprains, and breaks – get you the immediate treatment you need to limit down time and speed up the road to recovery.
  • Sports Physical Therapy: Our specialized PT program is designed specifically for athletes, with focus on manual therapy, functional movement, and sports-specific rehabilitation.

Be sure to ask your Excelsior care provider about our Sports PT and rehabilitation programs!

Meet the Sports Performance Team

Josette Fisher, PT, ATC, CSCS

Megan Smith, MS, ATC, PES

Jim Starkey, MS, ATC, CSCS

Proud to Partner with Flash Fields

Our Sports Performance facility is located at Flash Fields in Elma, NY, a state-of-the-art complex serving the needs of athletes across a wide variety of sports.

Excelsior Sports Performance Facility

Our brand-new facility is stocked with athletic training equipment of all kinds, giving our trainers and athletes a comfortable, clean and spacious place to get creative, work hard and have fun!

Designed for Athletics

Flash Fields, part of Sahlen’s Sports Park campus, features fully-lit, state-of-the-art outdoor athletic fields, including FIFA regulation soccer fields, and field markings for lacrosse, field hockey and more!

Expansive Sports Park

Flash Fields and Sahlen’s Sports Park is one of the area’s top campuses for sports and recreation programs of all types. From the facilities to the staff to the athletes who come through the doors, nothing says “sports” quite like Sahlen’s Sports Park!

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