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4 Benefits of Summer Athletic Training for Young Athletes

Date: June 2, 2018 Category: Uncategorized

Middle school and high school athletics provide great opportunities for student athletes to build their physical fitness while having fun at the same time, but what happens when students come home for the summer? Schools may or may not offer opportunities for athletic development during the summer months, but there are many positive reasons to consider programs that help young athletes build their athletic skills and prepare for a physically fit adult life.

Here are just a few reasons to consider summer fitness programs.

Health Benefits

The many benefits of staying physically fit are well-documented, but it can be easy for students to lose their positive fitness habits once they come home for the summer. Getting summer reading done is important, but getting out and continuing to get good exercise will help young athletes grow and maintain healthy lifestyles all year round. Athletic practice also helps build mental health and self-esteem, which are just as important as physical health.

Athletic Improvement

Spending the extra time training and developing during the off-season can help athletes of all ages perform better at game time. With focus on movement skill development and enhancement, athletes will understand how to most effectively complete complex tasks like accelerating, decelerating, changing of direction, jumping, bounding, pushing, and pulling. All of these movements will enhance the athlete’s ability to perform during athletic events. By working on sports performance when the competition is resting, student athletes can get a head start on next season, and better prepare themselves for success.

Reduced Injury Risk

By spending extra time learning proper movement skills, athletes can reduce risk of injury during games or practices. This includes implementation of mobility, flexibility, and neuromuscular education. Learning the fundamentals of athletic movement  and developing the strength and fitness to apply those fundamentals can help athletes put themselves in a better position to avoid injuries that often occur as a result of fatigue, poor training and conditioning habits, or inexperience.

Social Benefits

Meeting other young athletes and spending time together in a constructive setting can provide many social benefits as well. Summer programs that bring students together from multiple schools or regions can connect students to new friends and help them learn and grow together. It also promotes healthy competition which will provide an external source of motivation to do your best!

If you know a young athlete who could benefits from the many positive impacts provided by summer sports training, we hope you’ll consider Excelsior’s Summer Athletic Performance Program. The program offers 6-week development sessions and is open to middle school and high school athletes. For scheduling and other details, check here. 


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