Enhance Your Recovery with Nutrition Support

Living life at your best means living pain-free, with full range of motion and function, and creating habits that help you stay healthy for the future. Part of that is developing a healthy relationship with food that meets your nutritional needs and allows you to reach your goals. Whether you need to lose weight, adapt to a new lifestyle, optimize your athletic performance, or just need some nutritional support, Excelsior’s in-house nutrition team and services can help.

Nutrition Programs & Services

Your care team may refer you to our nutrition services, or you may choose to pursue them without a doctor recommendation. Either way, our in-house nutrition team offers many nutrition and wellness programs designed to create a judgement-free environment that addresses your specific lifestyle needs and challenges.

Counseling & Support

We offer both individual and group counseling services, with plenty of support and attention. These services are ideal for those recovering from injury or dealing with a condition that requires weight loss or dietary changes. 

  • Cooperative Care w/Physician Team
  • Education & Resources
  • Pre-Surgical Weight Loss Programs

Sports Performance

Food is your fuel! The right combination of nutrients and timing of intake can greatly improve energy levels, weight and body composition, mental focus, strength and power. Nutrition can assist an athlete in remaining healthy through all phases of training and competition.

  • Individual Assessments
  • Recipes, Tips & Resources
  • Team Consultations

Workplace Consulting

Show your employees you value nutrition and health by utilizing the services and expertise of an experienced dietician. We consult with your business on wellness programs and services tailored to your company. 

  • Lunch & Learns
  • Individual Employee Counseling
  • Meal plans

Upcoming Nutrition Events & Classes

In addition to our ongoing nutrition programs and services, we frequently offer classes, workshops and events that are open to the public and offer guidance and education on topics related to nutrition, food and wellness.

October 22 7:00 pm - October 22 8:30 pm

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Meet Our Nutrition Team

Our team of certified dieticians and nutritionists offer an array of services to meet every nutritional need.

Jacqui Anderson, RDN, CDN

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Melinda Yoder, RDN, CDN

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