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Excelsior Amherst - Podiatry Overview

Driving & Landmarks

Excelsior Podiatry is located at 4020 Sheridan Drive. It is on the westbound side of Sheridan next to the DENT Neurologic Institute building. On its other side, Excelsior Podiatry is next to the Sheridan and Harlem Road intersection and the 290 overpass.

Parking & Check-In

Excelsior Podiatry has dedicated surface lot parking next to the building. Please proceed to the front desk upon your arrival to check in for your appointment.

Comprehensive Services Provided At Excelsior Amherst - Podiatry

Whether your treatment is surgical or non-surgical, our goal is always long-term recovery. This may include imaging to see the root of the problem, transitional physical therapy programs, which are right across the street at our Amherst headquarters, durable medical equipment, such as braces and orthotics, non-invasive therapies such as injections or EPAT Shockwave, and more. Because recovery shouldn’t just be long term, it should also be as convenient as possible.


When you need orthopaedic care, Excelsior has the right team for your pain! We have specialists for every part of the body – physicians who have devoted their careers to treating that area. No matter where it hurts, Excelsior is here for you. At Excelsior Orthopaedics Podiatry, our podiatrists treat the following:

For specialties provided at our other locations, click here:


When you have foot pain, there are many roads to recovery. Excelsior Orthopaedics Podiatry provides several services under one roof to help make your care easier for you. Our in-house experts and services are here to support you as you get back to living at your best.

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