Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology

What is EPAT?

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (“EPAT”), also known as Shockwave is the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment method cleared by the FDA. This technology uses acoustic pressure waves for healing musculoskeletal pain. EPAT harnesses the body’s own potential to help injured tissue regenerate in areas that have poor blood flow, tissue damage, overuse or weakness. Request an Appointment

What disorders can be treated?

EPAT can help with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain and/or pain that significantly impairs mobility or quality of life.  Some specific conditions include: 

  • Lower leg pain:  Shin splints, tendinitis
  • Foot, ankle and heel pain:  Achilles tendon, plantar fascia
  • Shoulder pain:  Rotator cuff or biceps tendon
  • Upper arm and elbow pain:  Lateral or medial epicondylitis
  • Forearm, wrist and hand pain:  Dequervain’s tenosynovitis, tendinitis
  • Pelvis and hip pain: Adductor tendon, flexor tendon
  • Thigh and knee pain:  Hamstring muscle and tendon, IT band, bursitis, patellar tendon

How EPAT Works

Since inflammation is one of the tools used by the body to promote healing, EPAT uses acoustic pressure waves to enhance the inflammatory process.

The pressure waves work by:

  • Stimulating cell turnover
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Breakdown adhesions and scar tissue
  • Accelerate healing

Shockwave Therapy

Daniel P. Keating, DPM

David Pochatko, MD

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What are the expected results?

The beneficial effects of EPAT are often experienced after only three (3) treatments. Some patients report immediate pain relief after the treatment, although it can take up to four (4) weeks for pain relief to begin. The treatment eliminates pain and restores mobility, thus improving your quality of life. Over 80% of patients treated report to be pain free and/or have significant pain reduction. 

Benefits of EPAT

  • Non-invasive
  • No anesthesia
  • No risk of infection
  • No scarring
  • No downtime
  • Over 80% patient satisfaction 
  • Fast, in office treatment


Q. Is it safe? List Arrow

A. Yes. This FDA cleared technology was developed in Europe and is currently used around the globe. A wealth of medical experience, state-of-the-art engineering, and optimal quality have been built into each EPAT device; and extensive clinical studies and tests have confirmed its safety and efficacy.

Q. What is the duration of the treatment? List Arrow

A. Treatment sessions take approximately 5-10 minutes depending on the disorder being treated.  Generally, one treatment a week for 3-5 treatments (3-5 weeks).

Q. What happens after the treatment? List Arrow

A. You will receive post-treatment instructions from your physicians.  Often our team will integrate physical therapy treatments into your treatment plan to aid in your recovery.

Q. How is the treatment performed? List Arrow

A. Coupling gel is applied to the specified treatment area to enhance effectiveness. After these preparations, EPAT pressure waves are released via the applicator, which is moved over the area in a circular motion.

Q. What are the possible side effects? List Arrow

A. The non-invasive EPAT treatment has virtually no risk or side effects. In some cases, patients may experience minor discomfort, which may continue for a few days. It is normal to have some residual pain after intense exercise or a full day of work.

Q. Does insurance cover EPAT? List Arrow

A. Insurance typically does not cover EPAT treatment. However, most insurance plans will allow patients to utilize medical savings accounts (FSA or HSA). This non-invasive option will be particularly appealing to patients who are eager to return to work or normal activities in only a few days with just as good, if not better, clinical results compared to traditional treatment methods, including surgery.

Q. How much does it cost? List Arrow

Excelsior Orthopaedics offers the EPAT treatments for the following costs: 

  • Treatment sessions 1-3: $200 per treatment
  • Treatment Sessions 4+: $100 per treatment

Generally, 3 to 5 treatment sessions are necessary so average costs range from $600 to $800.

Q. Does Shockwave work for arthritis? List Arrow

Q. How long will the pain relief from Shockwave treatments last? List Arrow

Q. What are the other forms of treatment for plantar fasciitis? List Arrow

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