Physical & Occupational Therapy

Make Recovery Complete and Long-Term

You want a recovery that lasts. Long-term comfort and range of motion to do the activities you love is always our goal at Excelsior, and physical therapy is often critical to getting there. That’s why we have on-site therapists to assist in any recovery program. Whether physical therapy is your primary treatment or a post-surgical program, you can complete your therapy in one of our state-of-the-art facilities, with the most highly-skilled team in the area. Let’s get moving!


If you’re an endurance athlete who has graduated from your standard physical therapy program, you may benefit from an extension training program designed specifically for you. STRIDES – Striving To Reduce Injuries During Endurance Sports – works with endurance athletes of all kinds to speed up recovery from an injury, mitigate risk of future injury or reinjury, and get you back to optimal performance safely and confidently.

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