Diagnosis & Evaluation

The first step toward recovery is figuring out what’s wrong. Our team can diagnose a wide range of conditions and injuries — let’s take the first step together!

Physical Exam List Arrow

Every diagnosis begins with a thorough physical exam to explore your chief issues, as well as any additional health factors.

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Imaging List Arrow

MRIs, ultrasounds and x-rays are often the key to musculoskeletal diagnosis. We offer all of them on-site.

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Outreach Athletic Training List Arrow

Our team works directly with many of WNY's top high school athletic teams to provide a full range of athletic training services.

Concussion Diagnosis List Arrow

If you suspect a concussion, proper care is critical. Our Sports Medicine team is always available.

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Athletic Profiling List Arrow

The first step to our training services is a comprehensive athlete profile, which provides an accurate baseline for training.

Telemedicine List Arrow

There may be times when a virtual appointment is your best first step. Excelsior offers telemedicine appointments for many concerns.

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There are a lot of factors that impact your course of treatment. We may suggest any combination of non-surgical, surgical or wellness-based options.

Surgery List Arrow

When surgery is your best course of treatment, Excelsior makes it as comfortable and easy as possible. Our surgeons are experienced and at the top of the industry.

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Physical & Occupational Therapy List Arrow

Physical therapy is often the first, best course of treatment for minor injuries or conditions. Our in-house team can develop a program customized to your needs.

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Concussion Recovery List Arrow

After sustaining a concussion, proper treatment and recovery time are critical to safely returning to play.

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Orthobiologic Medicine List Arrow

The body has its own incredible powers to heal itself. Regenerative medicine and orthobiologics may help stimulate that process for many injuries or conditions.

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Pre-Surgery Conditioning List Arrow

Often, lifestyle and nutrition changes are the most important step toward recovery. Our expert in-house nutrition team can help improve your overall health before further treatment.

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Urgent Care List Arrow

When an unexpected injury happens, you need care fast. Our orthopaedic urgent care centers prevent trips to the ER and eliminate long wait times.

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Outpatient Total Joint Replacement List Arrow

There’s a revolution happening in joint replacement, and Excelsior is leading the charge. Outpatient Total Joint can give you a new hip, knee or shoulder without a hospital visit.

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Durable Medical Equipment List Arrow

Our in-house DME team is here to provide necessary braces, splints, crutches, walkers, slings or other equipment to treat musculoskeletal conditions.

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Recovering from an injury or condition isn’t an instant process. You need support to ensure you stay recovered for the long term.

Physical & Occupational Therapy List Arrow

Following surgery, physical or occupational therapy is critical to regaining strength and function. Our in-house team will work with you on strength and conditioning.

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Sports Recovery / Rehabilitation List Arrow

When an athlete sustains an injury, getting back in the game and preventing reinjury are imperative. We offer a number of programs, classes and services to achieve these goals.

Concussion Recovery List Arrow

After sustaining a concussion, proper treatment and recovery time are critical to safely returning to play.

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Durable Medical Equipment List Arrow

Proper support after treatment is the best way to ensure recovery lasts. Our in-house DME team provides customized splints, braces, crutches and more.

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Wellness & Prevention

The best treatment is the one that’s prevented. We’re committed to offering services that promote lifelong health and injury prevention.

Sports Training List Arrow

Give yourself an edge with expert sports training, and learn how to prevent injury, safely recover from injury and more. Our Sports Training services can help athletes at any level.

Nutrition Counseling List Arrow

A healthy relationship with food helps promote a lifetime of wellness. Our expert nutritionists offer counseling and classes to improve your nutrition.

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Team Training List Arrow

Training as a team is one of the best ways to improve success — along with keeping every member of the team healthy and injury-free. Our team can help.

Corporate Wellness List Arrow

Healthy workplaces are happy workplaces! Our expert nutritionists offer corporate wellness consulting and seminars to improve work environments.

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From opportunities to learn about procedures to expert training for coaches and public safety classes, Excelsior knows that education improves all aspects of life.

Patient Seminars List Arrow

Learn about your condition and treatment options from the experts in a no-pressure, lecture-based setting. See upcoming classes!

Patient Seminars

AED, CPR & First-Aid Classes List Arrow

Get NYSED safety training to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Pre-Surgical Classes List Arrow

We advocate for overall health and wellness. Often, adjustments to your diet can have a big impact on your recovery. We offer expert nutrition services to get you there.

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Coaches Clinics List Arrow

We offer clinics for coaches at all levels to get the tools and techniques needed to better foster athletic development, straight from our certified athletic training experts.

Athletic Training & Education List Arrow

Our team of experienced athletic trainers offer a full suite of services to individuals, small groups and teams across WNY.


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