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5 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Date: January 26, 2016 Category: Uncategorized

stay active this winter 


The secret is out: going outside during winter in Buffalo really stinks. Who’d have guessed, right? But we’re almost out of January now, and if you’ve made any kind of resolution to get in better shape, the cold weather probably isn’t helping.  No one wants to go for a 30-minute jog outside when it’s -10? and snowing, but there are plenty of other ways to stay active without getting icicles on your face.

Here are just a few to get you started:


Mall Walking

Before you roll your eyes at this one, give the idea a chance. You don’t have to get dressed up in fitness clothes and carry weights around the mall to get a good workout. If you want to get that into it, great! But if not, remember that you’d probably feel good about taking a mid-summer’s walk through the park for half an hour, and walking around the mall in the middle of winter is pretty much the same thing.


Ice Skating

Ok, so it might still be a little chilly at your local ice rink. But it isn’t snowing inside (we hope, is still a fun way to get some winter exercise. And if you don’t know how to skate, there’s no better time to learn than now! It’s a good bet that a rink near you has a learn to skate class available, or even just open skate times so you can go and teach yourself. Before you know it you’ll be good enough to crack a little smile when you  see other people wiping out.


Ice Skating


Home Workouts

There are plenty of workouts out there to help people of all ages to stay fit at home. And for many of them, you don’t need all kinds of expensive equipment and workout gear either. Try starting with a nice and simple one to see if you enjoy it, and then switch to something more intense if you get bored.



Frigid temperatures are a perfect reason to stay inside and brush up on your dance moves. Dance classes are a great way to have some fun and work up a little sweat. It can also be a great change-of-pace activity for you and your significant other to try together. You’ll probably end up laughing a lot more than you would on date night at the restaurant you’ve been to 100 times already.





Yoga is a great activity that you can try either in a group or by yourself at home. It’s also a really inexpensive way to work on your mental and physical fitness. The internet is full of different routines to try and free tutorials from which to learn. All you have to do is get yourself a mat and get started. It only gets easier!


Just because it’s cold outside, you don’t have to sacrifice your health and fitness goals for 2016. Even partaking in some light exercise a few times a week is better than sitting in front of the TV and watching more snow fall on your driveway. So until Spring (June), stay active and don’t let the cold get you down!

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