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Avoiding Stress Fractures in Athletics

Date: June 17, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Stress fractures occur due to overuse and typically happen in the feet. That makes sense, considering that the feet bones bear the most weight on a daily basis—even more so for athletes.

Luckily, despite the consistent strain on the feet bones, you can work to prevent stress fractures with a few good habits:



If you feel discomfort, pain or see swelling, get some rest! You don’t want to overexert a compromised bone.


Don’t Overdo It

New to a sport or physically-demanding activity? Ease into it and avoid working your bones too hard early on.


Get the Right Nutrients

Bones need calcium for strength and you need vitamin D to absorb calcium. So, make sure that you have both in your diet.


Train Surrounding Muscles

Bones don’t really work on their own. Surrounding muscles contribute to the bone’s efficacy. So, build up strength in the necessary muscles through training.


Change It Up

Stress fracture come from overuse. So, use different bones from time to time. Play different sports and have a well-rounded exercise routine.


Get the Right Gear

Whether you’re running, biking or playing tennis – wear the right shoes. They make shoes to support different sorts of movements in order to protect your bones!

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