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Excelsior Offers Summer Athletic Performance Program for Young Athletes

Date: June 20, 2018 Category: Uncategorized

The Summer Athletic Performance program at Excelsior is a 3 day a week offering that will span 6 weeks from July 9-August 17 and is designed to help middle and high school athletes maximize their fitness potential. The goal is to help the participants develop all aspects of athleticism and reduce risk for injury. Did you know that besides the training program, the athlete will undergo a pre and post program Athletic Profile? Not familiar with the Athletic Profile? See below!

At Excelsior Sports Training, we acknowledge that each athlete is unique. In order to achieve the best possible effect from training, it is necessary to have an accurate assessment of the athlete’s physical capabilities and limitations. This assessment is called The Athletic Profile.

The Athletic Profile is categorized into three tiers, each of which provide specific data about the athlete and ensure the program meets the needs of the athlete.


A subjective assessment and visual inspection that identifies potential deficiencies and asymmetries in body structure that could be limitations for training. The Y-Balance Test is also administered for both the upper and lower quadrant. Scoring on this test will help identify athletes who are at an increased risk for injury.


A series of measurements and functional movements that are scored objectively and provide information about the ability to move efficiently through space. The higher the score achieved, the more likely an athlete will remain injury free.


Performance testing that illustrates athlete’s ability to express speed, strength, power, agility, and endurance. Tests are chosen based upon the demands of the athlete’s sport. Examples include the vertical jump, pro agility shuttle, medicine ball throws, and the 40 yard dash.

The Athletic Profile identifies information about the athlete and provides a point of reference from which training will start. The Athletic Profile is also administered upon the completion of training and provides a clear picture of the athlete’s response to training. It allows the performance coach to design future programming for enhanced outcomes.

To learn more about the program or to register your son or daughter, check out our official detials page here

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