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How Long Will My Hip Replacement Last?

Date: July 8, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Sadly, hip replacements do not last forever. Unlike body tissue, the metal and plastic components in a hip replacement do not regenerate cells that have worn away. So, they will wear out over time. That being said, typically hip replacements last around 20 years. Keep in mind, however, that certain factors can either increase or decrease this duration:


Your Age

Typically, the younger you are, the more active you are. Furthermore, younger patients typically have more time to live, to chances are that if you’ve had a hip replacement at 50, you will need another at some point.


Your Weight

Excess weight puts strain on a replacement hip in the same way that it puts strain on an original hip. The more you weigh, the more likely you are to need another hip replacement sooner.


What You Do

How active are you? Physical activity is good, but sadly it helps to wear away the replacement joint a lot quicker.

Keep in mind that certain activities have a higher likelihood to damage your replacement joint. So, avoid any activities that your doctor warns against.


Infection due to Invasive Surgery

You could have surgery in your arm years after having had a hip replacement. While you might not think that this would affect your hip, an infection could find its way to your hip through your body. So, make sure to take the right antibiotics after invasive surgery keep bacteria away from your hip!


Other Factors

Any bones conditions that you might have, especially osteoporosis, could lead to easily broken bones. Since your hip replacement attaches to bones, breaking them could lead to another immediate replacement surgery. So, take the proper medications, do the right physical therapy and avoid having any other conditions lead to a premature second hip replacement.

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