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Obesity Leads to Bone & Muscle Depletion

Date: July 18, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

You might expect obesity to contribute to stronger bones, since the bones must support more weight. However, more factors than load-bearing contribute to bone strength and muscle mass.

In a study of 200 women, approximately one-third had more than 30% fat tissue, accompanied by lowering bone density and muscle mass. Clearly, there might be a correlation between fat tissues and poor bone density and muscle mass.

In addition to the weakened tissues, this problem only amplifies when considering the increased potential for falling due to both weight and a weak skeletal system. In the case of falls, breaking a bone is far more likely.

In other words, do not simply assume that extra weight leads to stronger muscles and bones. In fact, fat tissues can contribute to bone and muscle deterioration.

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