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Helping Coaches Develop Higher-Performing Athletes

Coaches are parents play an enormous role in the success of an athlete. A coaches’ influence often extends off the field, fostering the development of character and imparting lessons that will shape athletes for the rest of their lives. Similarly, a parent's influence often impacts the way an athlete performs in training and in competition. Your athletes deserve the very best support you can offer. That’s why Excelsior offers clinics and forums created for parents and coaches of athletes at all levels.

About Coach/Parent Clinics

Excelsior’s Coaching and Parent Clinics are designed to address some of the most common pitfalls we see in sports training. They may be sport- or level-specific, or they may address more general issues that apply to coaches of all types. We also offer customized coaching clinics created specifically for your team of coaches. These clinics may be tailored to or useful for the entire network of support for an athlete, including parents. The Excelsior team is made up of sports medicine specialists, ensuring that athlete supporters are offered the most up-to-date information available to keep athletes safe, healthy and performing at their best – all with the help of you, their coach.

The Excelsior Team

By combining orthopaedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation, we have created a training model which is utilized by professional athletes and teams around the world - in fact, our team members have worked with athletes at all levels, including NFL, NHL, and MLB teams. Our Excelsior Sports Training programs offer functional sports training and direct access to our comprehensive Sports Medicine team including:

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