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Athletic Training for Safer High School Teams

For athletes at the high school level, proper training and injury prevention is particularly critical. Excelsior offers specialized athletic training for local high school teams, providing the on-site services necessary to prevent career-impacting injuries in developing teens. You’ll benefit from having a certified athletic trainer on-site during competition to quickly assess any injury that occurs, advise on treatment, offer rehabilitation services, and serve as a first line of defense in keeping athletes safe. Your athletes will stay safer over time, allowing them to reach their full potential and have the athletic career they deserve. We proudly serve many local top-performing high school athletic departments, keeping their athletes safe and healthy before, during and after competition.

Proven Success

Our trainers are experienced and certified, but more importantly they are part of a larger team of professionals who all work together to improve sports performance and care for athletes. We work with many of WNY’s top-performing high school teams:

NYSED First Aid / CPR Classes

For coaches and athletic staff working within the New York State Education system, maintaining approved First Aid and CPR certification is all part of keeping athletes safe. In the past, Excelsior has offered New York State Department of Education safety courses in CPR/AED and first aid. Right now, unfortunately, our classes are paused indefinitely due to staffing and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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