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Staying Safe for Water Sports

Date: June 25, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Water sports are called sports for a reason: they require stamina and general physical wellbeing. With summer coming on, we thought that we would offer some safety tips to avoid orthopaedic injury, or injury of any type for that matter.

So, before you hit the lake this summer with your skis or wakeboard, keep these tips in mind to avoid sprains, strains, cuts, bruises and the like. Keep in mind that these tips are specifically meant for the prevention of orthopaedic injury—for other boat and water safety tips, follow your municipality’s laws and ordinances in addition to any equipment or boat manufacturer suggestions.



While you’re on the water, you will use a lot of muscles, some of which you might not normally use. So, stretch before going out to keep a solid range of motion and to avoid pulling any muscles.


Let Go of the Tow Rope if You Fall

You inclination might be to grasp the tow rope after falling while water-skiing or wakeboarding. However, doing so will drag you through the waves and you could get seriously injured from continued impact with the water.


Face the Front of Water Skis Above the Water

If the front of your water-skis goes under the water, expect to flip forward and to possibly injure your ankles, knees or something else.


Work Within Your Abilities

Like any sport, water-skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and kite-surfing all require practice. Therefore, they involve different skill levels to accomplish varying complex movements. Keeping this in mind, don’t try an advance technique if you’re new to the sport.


Utilize Helmets

Depending on the particular water sport, you’ll want a helmet to avoid head injury. While getting a concussion anywhere is not a good scenario, getting one on the water makes for additional complications. With that in mind…


Wear a Life Jacket

It really doesn’t matter how good you are at swimming—fatigue can take the most skilled swimmer in the open water. There’s no telling how far away a boat can get if you let go of a tow rope. So, wear a life jacket that suits your weight and chill out in the water until the boat returns.

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