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Tips for Staying Safe in Spring Sports

Date: May 13, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Most, if not all sports, require some sort of repetitive motion. Playing a variety of sports, therefore, helps to avoid overworking a single area of the body to the point of deterioration.

In a single season, however, athletes typically stick to one sport. In spring, baseball, softball, lacrosse and golf all have high risks for injuries related to repetitive motion. So, how can you or your child avoid injury this spring?

First, always make sure to use proper equipment that fits. Many injuries arise due to contact, and protective equipment will prevent contact-related injuries, among others.

Secondly, and most importantly, always warm up before a game or practice. Golf largely requires a single swinging motion for an extended period of time. Warming up and stretching loosens the muscles and helps to avoid pulling, tearing or otherwise hurting muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Lastly, consider environmental factors for spring sports. Playing outside pits athletes against not only their opponents, but the elements. Sunscreen, bug spray and adequate hydration will all go a long way to keep players safe in the spring weather.

Keep in mind, these are not the only factors for a safe spring sports season, but abiding by them could prevent very avoidable injuries. 

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