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During March Madness game, cheerleaders steal the show with viral moment

Date: March 21, 2022 Category: Orthopedic news

Early in the NCAA basketball tournament, spectators and sports commentators lauded two Indiana University cheerleaders for saving the day.

During last Thursday’s Hoosiers game against the St. Mary’s Gaels, a game ball ended up lodged atop the backboard. The pair used their skills to bring down the ball. NBC’s Today Show reported on the fun moment and shared photos of the lift.

“What’s great about the first picture is that, even in their improvisation, they still used their sport specific knowledge and excellent fundamentals,” Dr. Jason Matuszak said.

Dr. Matuszak, a primary care sports medicine physician at Excelsior Orthopaedics, sees and treats athletes of all levels.

“The cheerleader being lifted held good core stabilization and balance. The base lifted appropriately, and they surrounded the lifted cheerleader with back and side ‘spots,’” Matuszak said.

Kendall Marshall, MS, ATC, CSCS, echoes Matuszak’s observation that the cheerleaders executed their limelight moment safely, which is timely during Cheerleading Safety Month.

“I think it goes to show how much training and preparation goes into this sport,” Marshall said. “Even though it isn’t part of the competition, the same type of spotting for safety is being used. The same physical technique used to avoid any potential injuries. From a movement perspective, this illustrates how training and positive changes can have carryover to other aspects of our lives, highlighting the importance of engaging in a balanced training program.”

Indiana fell to the Gaels, but cheerleaders Nathan Paris and Cassidy Cerny were proud of their moment, they told “TODAY.”

“All-in-all a pretty safe and effective sports play. Do not try at home, unless you have the team members and skills to pull this off!” Dr. Matuszak said.

Watch the moment below:

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